Friday, October 30, 2015


Film: Nameless Gangster

Quite a good, nearly great Korean gangster movie. The Korean movies I've seen tend to have great acting and do a spectacular job of creating flawed characters.

TV: Fargo

I am enjoying the new season, but significantly less than the first season. The story is way too sprawling and without a center. Still, some of the details are quite fun, and I'll like to see how it comes together, but I'm highly skeptical it will in a satisfying way. Better storytelling expands from a small seed. Season 1 did it well. Also, the lead actors are no where near the level of Martin Freeman and Billy Bob. The side characters are still really good, though.

Book: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by GRRM

The first novella of the book - The Hedge Knight was terrific. I looked it up and Martin wrote it in 1998. Man, the guy was on a roll back then when he published this story along with the first three Game of Thrones books. Martin is an incredible storyteller and continually surprises the reader. I'm really quite in awe of the guy.

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