Sunday, October 25, 2015


Daniel Jeremiah's pre draft write up was spot on.

"He could develop into an athletic #2 QB, but I don't see him as an NFL starter."

Indeed. I wish the Niners had kept Smith as a starter and if things weren't going well on offense, they could slip in Kap as a change of pace option. Would've been an incredible set up. I think teams overthink the idea of the of the "starting QB" and needing that clear cut leader. It works great if you have a Brady, a Manning, a Brees, but in the absence of having one of those guys, you can't try and fit guys who don't meet the profile into the role. Make the role suit the player. Alex Smith isn't like one of those elite guys, but give the guy a run game and a defense, and he can win you games, including playoff games. And it'd be nice to have Kap off the bench, thrown in a couple of sequences with his legs and his big arm to throw off the defense. I mean, look at the value of the bench in bball and soccer and baseball? Why doesn't a football borrow from those sports if your personnel could make it work?

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