Monday, October 05, 2015

How Women Think

There are literally not enough single men out there.

In reading this, what it more accurately means to say, is there aren't enough single men of sufficient status for single women out there. Which of course, will always be the case. I'd suggest tapping the 20 million men from China who have 0 percent chance of finding a mate since the demographics are skewed due to the 1-child policy. But no self-respecting college educated American women would actually consider these men...and that's not racist, but instead a matter of "attraction."

And then this:
And my argument is that the old discrimination [against women] obscured a fundamental biological truth: Girls' brains mature at a faster rate than boys' brains, girls mature [faster] socially and intellectually. They're about a year ahead of boys. When it comes to actual schoolwork, girls do their homework better, girls are more organized, they're less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD, they don't get put in jail [at the same rates]. So I think girls have a developmental advantage when it comes to college preparation.
Notice when women do better at school, the reasons are biological, but women are underrepresented in math, science, entertainment, etc, there are misogynistic structures discriminating against them.

Let's just say I'm listening to the world's smallest violin.

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