Saturday, April 11, 2015


Film: Noir fest at the Egyptian, The Suspect and Ladies in Retirement

Charles Laughton in the Suspect. I quite enjoyed this film - very savvy, I thought. Laughton reminds me of Peter Dinklage a bit.

Ladies in Retirement. An interesting film about a woman who turns to murder in order to protect her two lunatic sisters. A little wonky at times -- the second half of the film basically follows a secondary character as he tries to figure out what our main character did -- but so what if you find that kind of thing enjoyable? I enjoy these structural incongruities that would not pass muster by the Robert McKee's of the world, and yet, still exist and work as films. Here's the thing: some stories work very well in the prescribed screenplay structure. Other stories work better told in a different way. There is no prescription. A precocious child could make this observation. Why some folks think the screenplay form ought to be so rigid is beyond me.

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