Monday, October 21, 2013


Kaepernick played great yesterday, even though he threw several risky throws and got bailed out of an interception by a silly roughing the passer call.  That moment changed the game.  But overall, the Niners going into Tennessee and getting a convincing win was impressive.  We are back to our style of football we were playing with Smith at QB and I love it.

Watched some of the Kansas City game as well.  It was not as close as the final score.  The Chiefs got cocky for a moment and Sean Smith let some back up receiver beat him over the top by Case Keenum. You could see this was a moment of taking the foot off the gas pedal for the Chiefs D.  They also fumbled near the goal line when they were about to put the game away and then obviously kneeled it out at the 2 yard line.  I'm saying the game "should" have been 24-16 at least.  But who cares?  They are the only 7-0 team.  If they can manage to split with Denver (who is looking kinda vulnerable, especially on D), they might even take the division, which would be a huge advantage to them in the playoffs.  Certainly, they are benefitting from a pretty easy schedule, but still.  7-0 is no joke, especially given a new coach, QB, and the 2-14 record from last year.  And it's not like any of the wins were exactly "lucky" anyway.  They've basically just beat every team so far.

Is it just me or do Peyton Manning's throws look weak?  It seems like his arm strength has regressed back to last year.  What's up with that?  Still, Denver is the only team that can be down 22 points in the fourth quarter and I'm keeping the TV on because there is a decent chance of a comeback.  Shit, when it was 30-36 and they got the ball back, I was pretty sure they were going to score and then we'd get to see if Luck could drive the Colts back.  Huge bummer about Reggie Wayne.  Right as I saw the play, I knew it was an ACL.  Turf, right?   I hate seeing that.  Can a 34-year old WR return from an ACL to play in the NFL?  Man...I dunno.  Bummer, too because the Colts have become the most interesting team in the NFL - beating Denver, Seattle, and the Niners, but losing to Miami and the Chargers and almost losing to the Raiders.

Who do I like for the Super Bowl at this point?

Buying:  Niners, Saints, Colts, Kansas City, Cincy
Selling:  Denver, New England, Green Bay

Don't really see any other possible contenders...some decent teams, but no one I see winning 3-4 playoff games.

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