Sunday, October 13, 2013


Film:  Captain Phillips

I was surprised I didn't enjoy this film more.  It started well and did a clever thing with the first act break, separating the pirate attack into two separate events (this was probably based in reality, not so much cleverness on the filmmakers part).  As a side note, so often "real life stories" are able to do more interesting narrative things since the audience will "buy" odd storytelling techniques because it adheres to real life.  An easy example is bringing in major characters very late into the movie, which Captain Phillips does.  But anyhow, after the movie gets onto the lifeboat, it got repetitive and frankly, a little boring.  Too procedural.  And I couldn't help but a feel like the whole thing was this immense waste of resources.  How about you just put a machine gun or a rocket launcher on the cargo ship to ward off little pirate skiffs?  Do we really need a battleship, an aircraft carrier, and a team of Navy Seals flown in from Virginia to handle four fisherman?

Anyhow, towards the end, I was just hoping the movie was going to end and this is never a good sign.  Although in fairness, it was a late Friday night show and I get tired at that time.

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