Sunday, January 22, 2017


When Protest Fails.
Talking to the protesters in Washington today, it was hard not to hear the echoes of the weakness of the Moscow protests five years ago: a vague, unstructured cause; too much diversity of purpose; no real political path forward; and the real potential for the meaning of the day to melt into self-congratulatory complacency. A Los Angeles woman showing me photos of the march afterward wondered, “Where was everyone before? We didn’t do enough.” Rallying and making funny signs is easy; winning real power in American politics is not.
And whatever you want to call this - the Left, Progressives, Liberals - continue down the path of abandoning their working class roots in favor of the grievance olympics. It hasn't work. It won't work. Do they have an idea how Ashley Judd, America Ferrera, and Scarlett Johansson talking about inequality sounds to a construction worker who got his hours trimmed to 25 hours this week?

Jesus, the tone deaf narcissism of the entire endeavor is stunning.

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