Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Snowflake Generation

Real or imagined? I definitely think there's a push by the mental health community to characterize the blues as "depression" and anxiousness with "anxiety-disorder." Not coincidentally, the "cures" to these things involve spending money on mental health. That is not to deny there are such things as depression or anxiety or serious mental issues, particularly alcohol and drug abuse. Nevertheless, I feel like many of the so-called disorders could be treated better with a steady diet of exercise and reading for pleasure versus going to therapy.

All the claims of students suffering from more mental disorders, methinks, is a result of choices and behaviors rather than pathologies. My suggestion to those young'ns suffering from depression and anxiety: stop doing social media, start exercising more (I suggest a team sport) -- and I mean 2-5 times a week, and start reading a lot for pleasure. I imagine if one takes the time to these type of things versus stressing about career, popularity, etc, etc, one will find themselves in a more relaxed state. Also, listening/playing music I imagine would be good as well.

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