Thursday, December 22, 2016

Grayson Allen

...Looks like he should be cast as a bad guy in John Wick 2, he plays for Duke, he's white, and he plays for Duke. Did I mention he plays for Duke? In other words, he's eminently hateable.  So now it comes out he's tripped not one, not two, but THREE guys in basketball games over the course of 2-3 years. Mon Dieu! ESPN collectively splooged their pants today -- every article is about how Grayson Allen needs help, how Mike Krzyzewski needs to suspend him indefinitely, etc, etc. And the glee. What joy these guys get from taking down Allen for tripping. My god. What an insane moment this is. Draymond Green goes around knicking guys in the balls and people think that makes him a tough competitor and he's back after a 1 game suspension. Grayon Allen might get tossed for the entire season. Look, I don't follow college basketball, I don't care about Allen, but I know the vivid glee with which the public likes stories that make out white privileged guys into manifestations of evil. And Allen - whether he's privileged or not - fits the optics.

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