Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Been Awhile

Random Thoughts:

1. I watched Denver play a lot this year and their defense was really good.

2. A lot of talk on the radio about Peyton Manning not being responsible for winning the SB. True. But if we're gonna mark him down for not playing well in a victory, it seems kinda unfair to mark him down for "not winning the big one," which was tag he carried for a long time, oftentimes when playing quite well.

3. All that said, a lot things broke well for Denver during the playoffs.

4. I have no opinion on Cam Newton.

5. Trump and Bernie won in New Hampshire and it suddenly hit me to be worried about the election. Listening to Trump prattle on about "making America great again" seems about as vacant a motto as "Hope." His rants about China, Japan, Mexico stealing from us and bringing in the best business minds strike me as a pretty odd way to talk about allies. Bernie Sanders has a really good pitch. I listened to him in the last debate. Hillary is unloved. But Bernie Sanders is a freaking socialist and free college, healthcare, and dessert for everyone and the billionaires will pick up the tab sounds nice and would last about 3 years before we ran out of spending rich people's money.

6. Numb3rs isn't a bad tv show.

7. Colin Kaepernick dated a transvestite is one of the weirder football stories of the year. I wouldn't be opposed to keeping him on the Niners as a back up at a back up salary.

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