Thursday, February 05, 2015


TV: Fresh off the Boat and Fargo Pilot

FOB was okay. The mother character stands out. A few good scenes, but I wish it was a little more ambitious than being an average sitcom with Asian faces.

Fargo was shockingly good and yet, I'm not sure I'll continue watching the show. There is something about this idea of riffing off already existing characters that rubs me the wrong way - both in comic book movies and in something like this. Maybe this is being too picky, because many great movies are remakes, etc. But I end up watching on a meta-level and appreciating cleverness versus full immersion into the world. And man, it goes back to something I've been thinking about with respect to prestige TV: is literally every lead character in a prestige show a murderer/sociopath now? What does this say about the tastes of American elites?

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