Saturday, January 10, 2015


TV: Homeland, s.4, ep. 1-2

Ugh. Serialized TV. So slow. Tedious. Shots we've seen a million times before. Just get to the mystery and story. characters really get any more interesting over 40 plus hours? Still, I'll probably stick with. Our cultural landscape is so weird. All the prestige shows and pictures feature such weird anti-heroes these days...this makes little to no sense, but just thinking about the Cary character versus Axel Foley. Different genres, different times, I get it. But think about the popularity of Homeland and how we're watching this show about a woman who contemplates drowning her own baby. I mean, what the hell, right? Walter White? A murderer. Tony Soprano. Murderer. Lena Dunham? Horrible person. Hannibal for chrissake. Dexter. I'd argue the majority of prestige drama features murders and sociopaths these days. Does that say something strange about our society?

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