Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Lots of football...

Pats-Ravens game was terrific. Flacco makes a big mistake at a bad time. I didn't see the NE tricky formation as it was happening, but that's what makes football cooler than other sports, is the strategic element.

Dez Bryant catch was obviously a bad thing for the NFL product. I love how the instincts to micro-manage and over-lawyer a game (via replay and crazy rules) is backfiring. The response, of course, will be more rules. How about the old system where the refs just make a call and rely on common sense? The control freaks alway fall back upon: what if a game gets decided by a bad call? Well, didn't both the Cowboys playoff games both just get decided by a bad call? Morons. They go around solving things that aren't problems.

National championship game...I caught on replay and already knew the outcome, which is a lousy way to watch. But Oregon made some awful drops in the 1st quarter and fumbled twice. They looked jittery. Didn't watch the whole thing.

Peyton Manning looked done. It came out later he had a pulled quad for the 2nd half of the season. Why didn't he sit out a few games? Let his back up get some reps and get well. Seems awful stupid to me.

Aaron Rodgers. On the flipside, there is Rodgers playing through injury. At least with him, you can argue he is gritting it out through important games. Manning played in 6 games that didn't matter all that much. Stupid.

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