Wednesday, November 06, 2013

What Kind of World Do We Live In?

I already read Deadline too much as it is, but this will give me an excuse to give it up completely (I surely won't).

Nikki Finke is gone from the site she basically created from scratch, herself.  Literally, this woman created THE SPOT for entertainment reporting and took down Variety and the Hollywood reporter and became one of the most influential people in town.  And look:  I doubt many people are 100% fans.  She's caustic, editorializes, needs constant praise, and has all sorts of annoying qualities.  I don't think she'd be a fun companion to be around.  But she was fun to read and had an earned chip on her shoulder as any person of character might develop by being around Hollywood too much.

The people who run this site ought to be pretty ashamed, right?  I mean, how do they spin this without coming across as carpet-bagging vultures?  They take her creation and are now turning it into online Variety, the exact type of reporting she wanted to toss in the dustbin.  Ugly world.  This is the same thing as Walmart coming to town and forcing all the mom and pop shops to close down.  And the only thing I really hate about this reality is the people involved with Deadline are the types who would criticize Walmart and deny what they've done as the same exact thing.

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