Monday, November 11, 2013

First Read

Dilfer -- "take away Kapernick's first read and he's a remedial passer."

For the record, I've been saying Kapernick is way overrated from the beginning.  How many excuses can we possibly make for the guy?  At first, it was he didn't have enough receiving help.  Now, it's well, he's only playing in his 18th game as an NFL Quarterback.  Hey.  Guess what?  The Niners were a Super Bowl contender the last two years.  We weren't in the market for a project quarterback.  We were in the market for a win-now quarterback.

We look way worse now than we did last year or the year before.  So did our window close already?  I think so.  Changing starting quarterbacks from Smith to Kaepernick was a move for a team going nowhere -- not a team competing for the Super Bowl.  All the media folks need to stop making excuses and admit they were wrong.

Smith had earned his shot to compete for a Super Bowl with the Niners and he's proving it (again) with Kansas City.  Who is in better shape right this moment, Chiefs or Niners?  I'd rather be the Chiefs and I don't see more offensive weapons over there.

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