Thursday, May 11, 2017


Film: Cold in July

Uneven tone. Strange storytelling in that the lead character was not carrying much of the movie. But I quite enjoyed it overall.

Film: The Yakuza

Don't see how I hadn't seen this before. Rather excellent.

Film: Miller's Crossing

Arguably the greatest Coen Brothers movie and that's saying something. Planned just to watch a few minutes and stayed up late watching the entire thing.

TV: Crashing

Not great, but the one stiff fiance character totally cracks me up.

Podcast: S-Town

I fell asleep listening at least 4 times. Took me a lot of attempts to muscle through. Nevertheless, glad I did. My favorite part was the character Olin who loved Brokeback Mountain. What a touching sequence. Didn't grab me like Serial. Didn't anger/annoy me in the same way, either.

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