Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Milo Thing

I like the guy. He's a provocateur who to my mind, provokes the people most in need of it. I don't see a significant moral distinction between the awful things he says vs. say, Tarantino's casual racism or any gangster rapper boasting of murder (although I suppose those are art vs Milo's political speech -- but again, I don't see the distinction). I get that he's not mainstream. But I also get the thing he's saying about the gay community -- it's well know many gay guys first sexual experiences happen with older men. Is this abuse? Maybe. Or, maybe, like with most matters of sex, it's complicated. But if it's abuse, I wonder why there isn't more attention paid to the gay guys actually participating in this type of thing (cough, cough, Bryan Singer) versus the guy who's willing to talk about it.

The whole thing is a hit job designed to take down a mouthy guy. And it's the take down culture I don't like. There's an assault on free speech and free thinking individualism in this country being wage on multiple non-governmental fronts. People want consensus and corporate thinking and I personally hate it.

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