Thursday, June 16, 2016

Faith Left

A nice story about random plane passengers supporting a grieving grandmother.

I teach. And I hear a lot about these insane, coddled students in the media. But in my experience, most students aren't like that. Not even close. When you talk to people, it's shocking how rational, friendly, kind, and smart most Americans are. You wouldn't know it to read the papers or to view our national political discourse. So here's the thing - I have a lot of faith in our people, still. What I have nearly zero faith in these days is our political system working on behalf of our people. There's some type of enormous disconnect. Our problems are solvable. I don't even think they are particularly difficult compared to problems other human beings faced throughout history. Nevertheless, they remain unsolved. Islamic terrorism shouldn't be this difficult to defeat. We must decide to do it. Reigning in the national debt isn't even hard - all we need to do is spend less than we make. It's actually quite simple. I could go on.

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