Thursday, April 07, 2016

Martini Notes

Gins Tried:

Martin Miller ($28-32): Super smooth, 80 proof. For one with expensive taste, could serve as an awesome baseline gin. If you order a basic martini at Providence (the 2nd best restaurant in America), this is what they use.
Martin Miller Wellsbourne ($30-37): That said, I think the splurge to the Wellsbourne version is worth it. I found a bottle at K&L for $30, which is the same as I paid for the regular MM at a liquor store. Even at $37 (Bevmo), the price difference is still worth it. Basically, the main difference is a higher proof - 94. Again, a super smooth gin. If you meet someone who doesn't like gin, pour them a MM and they will change their minds.
Fords ($25-28): This is my baseline gin right now. For guests or celebrations, I'll use MM. On a regular Thursday night before eating a steak, I'll use Fords. Incredible value. And more gin-like than MM. This is like having a great pair of boots that can be worn at nearly every occasion, except a wedding. If I were buying one gin for the cabinet, I would take Fords.
Beefeater ($16-18): Good enough in a pinch. Can find it at nearly any grocery store. Cheap. If at a crummy bar, or you don't feel like overpaying, Beefeater can do the job.
Bombay London Dry ($20 for a handle): Good value, but I don't love it. Prefer Beefeater at the price point.
St. George's ($35): tastes like a Christmas tree. A neat novelty gin, but I don't drink it on the regular.

Vya: Highly recommended, but I prefer Dolin. For some reason, it tastes a little sweet to me.
Noilly Prat: Serviceable.
Dolin: My favorite. Dry.

Small Spanish: bad
Large Spanish: good
Castelvetrano: inappropriate, but delicious

The other night, I poured a Beefeater (2.5oz), Vya (.5oz), and Large Spanish (.3 juice). Solid, but not spectacular.

The week before, we drank MM Wellsbourne (3oz), .5oz olive, and tried one with Dolin and one with Vya. I preferred the Dolin.

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