Monday, July 27, 2015


Book: Chinaman's Chance by Ross Thomas

I was into the first half more than the second and the end wasn't particularly satisfying. Still, I like Thomas' style. His descriptions and prose are among my favorite of crime writers.

TV: True Detective s. 2. e. 6

That orgy scene was straaaange. What was up with the score? It felt like I was in a DePalma movie or something all of a sudden. The tone got real wonky for me in this episode. I found the Colin F and VV scene in the opening incredibly awkward and stiff and like the guys were talking in fake-deep Bain-esque voices. I was totally confused about the plan at the orgy. What exactly were they trying to accomplish? Also, why do the bad guys choose to do big time land deals at these massive orgy parties? Why bring important contracts to a social gathering where you will be soon having sex in public in front of all these people? Do rich people really do this? I'm trying to picture if I somehow became a billionaire real estate mogul, would a big public sex party with drugged up ladies appeal to me?

I actually think this was my least favorite episode of the season. I found the scene talking about the LA riots to be historically off. If I remember correctly, Beverly Hills was not a place where riots and looting were taking place. I feel like the stories are all over the place. They're chasing diamonds, they going under cover at sex orgy parties, they're investigating corruption, I can't even tell you how many murders and of who...., Frank's trying to find his money...I can go on and on. It feels like the stories are totally spiraling out of control to no apparent conclusion. I'm a little bummed and not really looking forward to the next two episodes now.

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