Thursday, March 26, 2015


TV: The Jinx, Ep. 3 and 4

I'd heard episode 4 was brilliant. And up until the last moments, I didn't see it. It's the bits at the end with the Galveston homicide detective (who is an awesome detective) and the bits with Durst rehearsing to himself completely elevate the episode.

Onto a separate matter - can a lawyer explain to me how you can be found guilty of manslaughter from a hit & run can accident and yet, if you accidentally kill someone in Texas and decide to not report it to the police and instead decide to chop up the body and dispose of it and then later go back and check on the disposal, you are not guilty of something...come on legal system, make some sense here...

Other issues/ideas related to the Jinx:

I think the show is great, yet I've fallen asleep three times watching it already. Once in episode 3 and twice while watching episode 4. As I said this past weekend to a friend, I've never fallen asleep during Game of Thrones. Take from that what you will. But, PS, I suspect others fall asleep to it as well.

Another interesting much of Serial involved the after-discussion of Adnan's guilt or innocence. I'd be curious to hear from the "Adnan-advocates," those folks I met during the airing of Serial who were disgusted by the legal process and racism and fill-in-the-blank, who are pretty sure he was innocent, etc, etc. Watching this past episode 4, they must be delighted by the broad minded Texas jurors who let Durst get off because it didn't meet their standards of reasonable doubt. I'm being sarcastic, of course. I'm positive the same pro-Adnan folks are steaming over the fact Durst weaseled out of justice. It's because the system is always wrong and not (what it truly is) a reflection of human imperfections.

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